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Odkryj Gdańsk

It takes just a few minutes to visit the most famous tourist’s attractions in Gdansk. Our guests can easily experience the beauty of Gdańsk.

Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku

Gdansk National Sea Museum

Old storage at Ołowianka island is the place where you will learn about Poland sea history and underwater archeologic breakthroughs, and visit painting gallery.

Archeological Gdansk Museum

You need to visit this place if you are interested in Gdańsk history. It is located in beautiful historical building and is presenting exhibitions dedicated to Gdansk excavations.

Muzeum Archeologiczne w Gdańsku
Fontanna Neptuna Gdańsk

Długi Targ Street, Artus Court and the Neptune Fountain

The Długa Street and Długi Targ Street (also known as Trakt Królewski) rank among the most famous streets in the Gdańsk Old Town. Feel this unique atmosphere amongst the most important monuments. Relax in one of the many restaurants serving delicious Polish cuisine.

St. Mary’s Basilica

The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the largest brick church in the world, went through several stages of development through Medival and Baroque times. If you don’t have enough time to reach the viewing gallery on the top of 77,6 m tower, it is worth to visit Church’s interior full of the valuable pieces of art.

Kościół Mariacki Gdańsk
Długie Podbrzeże

Long Edge of Motlava River

One of the most photographed place in the whole Gdańsk – the symbol of Gdańsk. Just take a walk along the river, take a picture with the majestic Crane and have a dinner or coffee with a lovely view.

These are only a few of numerous attractions of beautiful Gdansk. It’s very close to visit Westerplatte, other parts of our city, Sopot and Gdynia. If you are a beach lover – Gdansk also means beautiful and clean beaches and if you’re a shopping lover there we have many shopping malls and boutiques.

Contact us – we advise all of our Guests how to plan the stay in Gdansk to be a unforgettable experience!